“These findings are truly gruesome and no doubt deeply upsetting to anyone associated with the Tuam home. The grim discovery also highlights the important work of local historian Catherine Corless in bringing this case to light.
“It now appears as though these children were interred in some kind of mass grave, possibly without normal funeral rights, and maybe even without their wider families having been made aware. It is an appalling finding and reflects the truth of what went on in many homes that even in death, these children should have been treated with social total disrespect.
“There have also been allegations that there may have been similar instances with other Mother and Baby Homes around the country. I believe the Government should resource the Commission so that all such allegations that can be included.
“The findings vindicate the decision of the last Government to set up a Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes, and to have the Commission set about its work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
“It is now incumbent upon the Catholic Church to assist in whatever way they can, so that the truth should be set out in relation to these matters.” Joan Burton, TD