“My priority as Tánaiste and Labour leader is to secure the recovery and spread the benefits, so that we create a thriving and equitable society where each of us can reach our full potential.

That means creating good jobs and improving incomes. It means delivering well-run services that work for people. It means improving quality of life in all our communities. And it means increasing everyone’s opportunities to move forward.

That’s why Labour in Government has worked to create 100,000 additional jobs since coming to office. That’s why Labour in Government has removed more than 410,000 people from the USC net, and is reducing taxes for low and middle-income earners. That’s why Labour in Government has established the Low Pay Commission to examine the Minimum Wage on an annual basis. That’s why Labour in Government has increased investment for the school building programme, is recruiting 1,700 new teachers and education staff, and recruiting 300 more gardai to safeguard our communities. That’s why Labour in Government is rolling out free GP care for children under six. That’s why Labour in Government is delivering a record level of investment in social housing.

The recovery effort was incredibly difficult, and it has been your sacrifices, your perseverance in the face of uphill struggle, that have enabled us to get to this point.

The point where we’ve reached the brow of the hill and can see our destination – an Ireland of opportunity and prosperity for all. We have not reached that destination yet. But it’s in sight and within reach.

And working together, we’ll get there.”


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