Reforming Politics

Rebuilding Trust in Politics & Public Institutions:

  • Labour is building a public service based on equality of opportunity, with appointment and advancement based on merit
  • Thanks to changes brought in by Labour, appointments to a State board must be publicly advertised, putting an end to State board cronyism
  • We’ve brought in whistleblower legislation, making it easier to report wrongdoing in the workplace
  • We’ve brought in regulation of lobbyists, through a new Lobbying Register. This will make information available to the public on those who are communicating with Government on matters of public policy
  • Freedom of Information has been strengthened, and extended to all public bodies. We’ve also abolished the application fee for FOI requests
  • We set up the Constitutional Convention, and brought forward several referendums based on its recommendations – including the historic marriage equality referendum
  • We’ve widened the power of the Ombudsman, whose job it is to examine complaints from members of the public who feel they have been unfairly treated by certain public bodies.