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Action Needed on Autism Specific School for Dublin 15

A survey of Primary and Secondary School Principals in Dublin 15 by a group of parents and professionals campaigning for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Specific School has confirmed what parents already knew, that the educational and developmental needs of some of the most vulnerable children are not being met in ASD classes in mainstream schools.

The survey revealed that 68% of Principals surveyed believe that they have children who are in an inappropriate educational setting and that at least 54 of these children would be better placed in an Autism Specific School that caters for preschool, primary and secondary school age children.

Deputy Burton said:

“As one of the TDs for Dublin West, I have attended numerous meetings with parents frustrated with local services for children with complex needs. Dublin 15 and Dublin 7 has a large population of families with young children who urgently require an autistic specific school, this is something the Taoiseach has acknowledged, but has so far failed to act upon. An autistic specific school needs to be established before the beginning of the next academic year. Hopefully the results of this survey will help speed up this process.

“I will continue to push the Taoiseach and the Minister for Education and Skills on these issues in order to ensure parents do not face the prospect of another year of stress and uncertainty in attempting to find an appropriate education for their vulnerable child.”