Burton Regrets Loss of Phoenix Park Racecourse Site

Dublin West TD Joan Burton, Labour Party spokesperson on Finance, said the go-ahead for the development of 2,300 houses at the Phoenix Park and sale of Abbeville to property developers represents a victory for property speculators over balanced and orderly development. Both these deals will net many millions of euros of profit for the owners and property developers.

Joan Burton expressed disquiet over the absence of clear information on the tax treatment of the capital gains arising from both these development.

“ It is impossible to say in relation to either of these developments whether they will give rise to any significant payments of capital gains tax. It should be incumbent on both the Minister for Finance and the Revenue Commissioners to indicate how much capital gains tax each of these developments gives rise to.”

The Phoenix Park Racecourse is a northside landmark. The development for 2,300 houses and apartments on the site is equivalent to building a small town on the site. However, unlike small towns throughout the country, this “town” will have the housing and apartments but no guarantee that services ranging from public transport to primary schools and community centres will ever appear except in the glossy brochures marketing the development.

Joan Burton said, “This is the fifth such mega-development in the Dublin 15 area in the last 5 years. Bitter experience has shown both existing residents and the purchasers of the new homes that services are such as schools and public transport are discretionary promises.

The railway service, which runs alongside the site is already overcrowded and an old fashioned diesel service. The Board Pleanala condition of an additional railway stop, while welcome is irrelevant unless the railway line is upgraded to integrate with the DART service and provide an all day, every day service.

The reference in the planning application to the availability of bus corridors from Dublin 15 to the city centre ignores the fact that these QBC’s are partial and incomplete, despite all the promises made by the current government”

The provision of schools at primary and secondary level is another discretionary feature of planning in Dublin West. While the plans show a site reserved for a primary school, it has been proven in the recent past that it is almost impossible to get the Dept of Education to actually provide the much needed schools. We only have to look at the disgraceful situation in Littlepace and Castaheany in Dublin 15 for proof of the Governments negligence in this area. This new town in Dublin West has to be satisfied with 10 room prefab school to accommodate children from the 4,000 houses in the area.