BusConnects Public Consultations

BusConnects are holding a 2nd round of Public Consultation on their plans to revise Dublin’s bus network.

As part of this, BusConnects will hold a two-day public information event in The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown, on Wednesday, 6th November (from 11.30am to 5.30pm) and Thursday, 7th November (from 9am to 4.30pm). Their design team will be there to go through the proposals and answer queries.

I want to stress this is a consultation about a proposed plan, and not set in stone.

I would really appreciate anyone with observations or concerns to contact me about your views. I want to know do the plans improve your public transport options? Does it make your commute easier? Do you think it will help reduce our reliance on private cars? Do you think it will result in a well-run bus service for the Dublin 7 and Dublin 15 areas?

As part of representing you as your local TD, I have met BusConnects, the National Transport Authority, and only last week, I met with Dublin Bus, to go through a detailed evaluation of the proposed routes. I have expressed several concerns about the latest version of the plans. Several of which are set out below.

70 Route

The no. 70 route going from Dunboyne via Littlepace and onto the city centre via the Navan Road is to be significantly changed. It is to be replaced by a peak time bus that will travel to the city centre bypassing Littlepace. For people in the Littlepace area, there will be a secondary bus service that will cover Littlepace, and via a new bus gate at Huntstown, will travel directly to the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, where people can change to a city centre bound route via a new central Hub (it is expected the new Hub will be located at the same location as current bus stops).

39 Route

I am concerned that the proposed changes to the no. 39 route will offer very little to the residents of Brompton, Delwood, Glenville, Roselawn and Coolmine, and may in fact result in greater numbers of people having to walk longer distances to reach a bus stop. The plans for Blanchardstown Village are unclear and BusConnects needs to better explain to residents how the new bus service will work.

37 Route

The no. 37 bus route will continue broadly as is through the Dublin 15 area. From the Halfway House, it will continue onto the city centre via the New Cabra Road, Phibsborough and the Mater Hospital. The revised bus route would no longer serve either Skreen Road or Blackhorse Avenue. These areas would be serviced by a new local bus route.

Navan Road

The proposals include several new peak-time bus routes, originating from the Dublin 15 area. However, it is unclear whether these peak-time buses will stop on the Navan Road, if people from the Navan Road will be allowed board these buses and if so, where. This remains to be clarified. It is essential we receive confirmation that people from the Navan Road, areas like Ashington and Villa Park, will be able to get buses on the Navan Road and travel to the city centre and the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

40E Route

The proposals are unclear in relation to Hollystown and what direct services will be provided for the area. However, the current bus route, no. 40E, will continue to serve Tyrrellstown and travel directly to Broombridge.

Concluding Remarks

I would be very grateful if you could have a look at the brochure on the Bus Network redesign which is currently being distributed to every house in Dublin 7 and Dublin 15. There are many good things about the plan, but people need to be assured that they will have a local bus service that will be available to them within a reasonable walk of their home, and that will take them to and from the city centre and other key parts of the city, whether for leisure, shopping, work or study. So, if you or a family member or someone from your resident’s association could attend the information sessions, it would add vital local knowledge to the process.

Please let me know your ideas on the proposals, as I will continue to meet regularly with BusConnects, NTA and Dublin Bus to ensure that the interests of our communities in Dublin West are best served. I propose to hold a series of meetings as more detailed information on routes becomes available.