Cervical Check Scandal

The revelations in the last few days about the CervicalCheck service have been deeply shocking, and has caused huge concern for women across Ireland.

My colleague Alan Kelly TD has called on the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health should meet at the earliest oppurtunity next week, Tuesday to discuss what has happened, and the responses underway.

“I have contacted the Chair of the Committee, as it is essential that the drip drip of revelations and responses from the HSE and the Minister be addressed comprehensively, with all those involved provided with a chance to set out what has happened, and what will now be done.

“A number of key questions need to be urgently answered including why the analysis and screening of smears is still being outsourced to American labs. A commitment was made in 2008 that this would be temporary. Surely the revelations of the last week show the need to develop a laboratory and the necessary skills here capable of providing this service?”