Climate Justice

Time is running out, so we must invest in climate action now. Labour brought in Ireland’s first climate change laws, and the city bike schemes, and we can be relied on to cut emissions and build a low carbon economy.

Labour will fund local government to deliver an ambitious home insulation scheme, targeting 100,000 homes each year. This will be rolled out to all council-owned properties and will be available on a street-by-street basis for homeowners. A mix of subsidies and grants will be available. All of this will give people warmer homes and lower energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and create new apprenticeships and sustainable jobs.

Labour will invest in the ESB, Coillte and Bord na Móna to create new sustainable jobs in clean energy, recycling and land management. This will ensure a positive future for workers and for regions that are most at risk from the loss of polluting industries.

Labour will support the trade union Just Transition to a low carbon economy. This includes a Just Transition Fund to invest in businesses that are helping workers and communities to make the transition to a low carbon economy.

Labour will invest in public transport and cycling infrastructure, to encourage people in cities and large towns to make the change to sustainable and healthier forms of transportation. This will also ease traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Labour will target electric vehicle grants to those who need them, especially in rural Ireland, where people may be car dependent. People with a disability who are car dependent will be given an electric vehicle grant. 

Labour will make the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 a legal requirement, and we will publish annual carbon budgets that set a ceiling on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions permitted each year in different sectors of the economy.