Community Projects to Crack Down on Litter and Graffiti

Funding for community projects to crack down on litter and graffiti has been recently announced. €771,500 in grants is available and grants can cover a broad range of measures to raise public awareness and to stimulate anti-litter and anti-graffiti activity at local level – measures such as local community clean-ups, primary/secondary schools competitions, anti-litter/anti-graffiti materials, videos, posters, information leaflets, and anti-litter/anti-graffiti exhibitions are eligible for grant aid. Interested parties can apply to their local authority.

Criteria for Local Authorities in selecting Litter and Graffiti Awareness Projects

  • Projects/activities should seek to promote greater public awareness and education in relation to litter and graffiti, and should, as far as possible, have a particular focus on involving schools and young people in anti-litter and anti-graffiti action and on voluntary initiatives by community and environmental groups
  • Grants should be used, where possible, to leverage local business co-funding of anti-litter and anti-graffiti education/awareness measures.
  • The maximum grant available in any individual case may be up to 70% of the overall cost of the project, with the balance being met by way of local contribution.
  • Where a Local Authority is not directly involved in a project, it must be fully satisfied that the project will be satisfactorily implemented.
  • Projects should be to a high standard and should aim at establishing or replicating best practice in relation to litter education/awareness measures.
  • Projects in receipt of monies under the Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund are excluded for grant purposes.
  • Local Authority staff/plant costs and projects that involve substitute financing of existing programmes are excluded for grant purposes.