Irish Times September 5th

Labour finance spokeswoman Joan Burton said that Exchequer returns figures published by the Government yesterday showed that the Government would have “considerable leeway” to expand public spending. She said the money should be spent on health and housing, rather than tax cuts.


“It would be foolish to squander resources on unnecessary tax cuts at a time when vital needs must be competently addressed. Taoiseach Varadkar and Minister Donohue should not be tempted to play Santa for electoral popularity. People want housing, health and infrastructure properly provided. The Government should not be tempted to bypass these issues for short-term electoral gains,” she said.


Mail on Sunday September 3rd

Commenting on the figures [for self employed tax revenues] Labour’s finance spokesperson Joan Burton said: “Increases in the number of self employed are a Finance Minister’s dream. It is cash straight into the Exchequer kitty”.