Hartstown Community Centre

Hartstown Community Centre has served the community of Hartstown and surrounding areas for the last thirty years. The community centre has suddenly found that there is a real threat to their continued provision of a wide range of services, from pre-school to a crèche to sports services, dance classes and activities for retired people.

The building is owned by the local Catholic Church, on behalf of the St Lawrence O’Toole Trust, and has received an insurance inspection that has declared that very urgent remedial works is required. The cost of the amendments to the building, which include upgrading fire safety, windows and other elements of the building, has been estimated to cost somewhere around €100,000 minimum. Other works as yet to be described in detail may add significantly to that cost.

This is a centre which is used by hundreds of people in Dublin 15. The community is willing and has organised a very large meeting to declare its support for fundraising, but this community cannot do it on its own. I want the Government to stand by the Hartstown Community Centre, and provide it with the resources that it desperately needs.

The Government cannot stand by while this is allowed to happen to this really important facility in the Hartstown area. I have taken it up already with the Department of Rural and Community Affairs. Many other communities have received significant support from Government, Hartstown deserves to be recognised as being a vital service that requires to be supported from public funding.