Labour & Women

It has been over 100 years since women got the vote, and this morning I left the office of the Returning Officers having been duly nominated as a candidate to contest the election for the 33rd Dáil, on Saturday 8th February. I am looking forward to lots of women contesting the election, and lots of women being in the next Dail.

Labour’s Plans for Women at Work

The Labour Party is dedicated to tackling gender inequality in the workplace. There are a number of issues impacting women such as the Gender Pay Gap, the childcare crisis and a lack of employment flexibility. But we know there are concrete steps which can be taken to reduce gender inequality and ensure more opportunities for women at work.

Currently Irish women earn around 14% less then men, meaning women working full-time essentially stop getting paid at around 4 o’clock everyday. Labour has put forward legislation to tackle to gender pay gap, which we ensured got through the Seanad and passed at Second Stage in the Dáil. But the Government has stalled any further progress and its own gender pay gap bill remains stagnant, with no move to bring it forward since May 2019. This represents a real failure to ensure equality for women in the workplace.

The Labour Party is committed to delivering gender pay gap law within our first 100 days if elected to office. Ireland’s gender pay gap must be tackled.