Community and Democracy

“To create a thriving and equitable society, where we can fulfil our potential, it is essential that communities prosper. For me, this means equality of opportunity, starting with jobs. We’re making significant progress on the employment front in terms of helping people back to work. Because of the progress we’ve made, we’ll reach full employment by 2018. And we’re working to ensure that a fair wage and decent working conditions are central to the new jobs created. We’re tackling low pay and zero-hour contracts. At the same time, we’re reducing tax for low and middle-income workers. A productive economy with full employment and fair pay and conditions means people have the opportunities to reach their full potential. That in turns helps families and communities to thrive.

But communities need more than good jobs and secure incomes. They need quality, well-run facilities and public services that are easily accessible and people-friendly. That’s why Labour in Government is delivering 1,700 new teachers and educational staff this year, rolling out free GP care for children under six, and investing record amounts of money in housing. It’s also why we are reforming politics to ensure fairness, and to prevent the corrupt politics of old that destroyed communities. That’s why we have introduced legislation to regulate lobbyists, to restore the Freedom of Information Act, to effectively ban corporate donations, and much more besides. All of this will work will help strengthen our democracy, strengthen our communities, and ensure equality for all our citizens.”


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