Fairness and Equality

The Labour Party aims to ensure economic strength goes hand in hand with social justice. That opportunity and prosperity go hand in hand with fairness and equality. That workers and businesses are helped to get ahead. That families are helped to get on, rather than just get by. That we reach full employment. Deliver a fair and equitable tax system for workers. And affordable homes for families to live in. The Labour Party strives to create a thriving and equitable society where all of us can fulfill our potential.

Fairness means ensuring that every taxpayer has more money in their pay packet. Fairness means restoring a Christmas Bonus for pensioners, people with disabilities, and persons living alone. Fairness means increasing Child Benefit for families just as soon as resources allowed. The Labour Alternative Budget of 2019 highlights our goal of ensuring fairness. Some provisions include increases in welfare payments, ending youth discrimination, Direct Provision, Working Family Payment, a living wage and supporting people into work, among others.

Equality means all our people being treated equally – nothing more, nothing less. That is why Labour fought successfully to secure, and then fought successfully to win, the marriage equality referendum. This is the Labour Party living up to our standards – this is Labour in action.