Standing up for Working People

The Labour Party is the party of work, the party of working people, and we are getting Ireland back to work. The Labour Party is the party of opportunity – and we are now creating opportunity.

We’re making significant progress on the employment front in terms of helping people back to work. We’ve added more than 100,000 new jobs since taking office, and unemployment is down to single digits again. Because of the progress we’ve made, we’ll reach full employment by 2018. And we’re working to ensure that a fair wage and decent working conditions are central to the new jobs created.

Having immediately increased the Minimum Wage upon taking office, we’ve now established a Low Pay Commission to review the Minimum Wage on a regular basis and ensure increases are made as and when appropriate. At the same time, we’re reducing tax for low and middle-income workers. We’ve taken more than 410,000 people out of the USC net, and are committing to making that half a million people in the next Budget.

A productive economy with full employment and fair pay and conditions means people have the opportunities to reach their full potential. That in turns helps families and communities to thrive.

In the Labour Party, we measure success by the progress of our people. By the jobs they have and the quality of life those jobs offer. By the sight of communities prospering, and children thriving.

That’s why we are focused on achieving full employment, and delivering jobs and opportunity for workers. To ensure that workers and businesses are helped to get ahead. And that families are helped to get on, rather than just get by.