LABOUR 2019 BUDGET proposals

On the 10 year anniversary of the banking collapse, the Labour Party wants to see a social recovery, and our view is the Government needs to tell people when will this happen. If not now, then when? Our fully costed Alternative Budget provides the investment needed to do so.

“We are proposing a number of measures to support incomes, invest in public services and provide real benefits to families.

“There is an existential crisis for our country in health and housing, and we propose to commit nearly an extra €1bn in health, and further capital investment in housing to ensure 10,000 social housing units are built by local authorities in 2019.

“We also outline a series of tax measures to fund this, and I have proposed that there should be no further reductions in the USC which should be renamed the Health Contribution.

“We would raise child benefit by €5, provide a universal payment in the summer to parents to meet the costs of clothing and footwear, outline proposals to deliver free education, and halve the cost of childcare for parents.

“We would also invest in our arts and heritage, public transport and climate action. We also propose a number of key measures to prepare for a hard Brexit to support business, invest in R&D and prepare for the worst.

“The Government must also now answer serious questions that arise from the C&AG report on income tax, showing those earning over €50m making little or no income tax contribution