Local Election Candidates

Voting on Friday, May 24th 2019

Labour Candidates for Fingal County Council

Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart Ward – Cllr Mary McCamley

Mary has been on Fingal County Council since 2012. Originally from Finglas, she has been living in Castlecurragh, Mulhuddart for the past twelve years. She is retired from Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown, but the experience of working there has served her well in dealing with individual and community problems and she continues to be a great supporter of the hospital and it’s hardworking staff. As a full-time Councillor, she is a member of numerous committees dealing with schools, tidy districts, safer neighbourhoods and youth activities, all with the purpose of improving Dublin 15 as a good place to live, bring up a family or run a business.

Castleknock Ward – John Walsh

John is a lecturer and researcher in education policy, working in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. He is passionate about education and works closely with schools and teachers on a day to day basis. He proudly serves as a member of the board of management of Castleknock Community College (CCC) and of the Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board, and believes that investment in schools and third-level colleges is crucial to give everyone the best possible opportunities. Achieving better planning and responsible development in our area is one of his priorities and he believes the solution to the housing crisis is not irresponsible development of the kind that we saw before, but providing more family homes, affordable housing for young people and the opportunity for residents in mature areas to ‘trade down’ to high quality houses or apartments in their local area.

Ongar Ward – Elaine Dooley

Elaine is from Blakestown and has lived in Dublin 15 all her life. She attended Blakestown Community School and went on to Trinity College Dublin, where she graduated with a degree in Social Studies with the support of the Trinity Access Programme. She is now a board member in St Benedict’s National School and was previously on the board of Hartstown Community Centre. She believes that with Dublin 15’s growing population, more work needs to be done to ensure we have enough school places, sufficient transportation and good quality planning.

Labour Candidates for Dublin City Council

Cabra-Glasnevin Ward – Cllr Áine Clancy

Áine is a native of Drumcondra and was first elected to Dublin City Council in 2009. She is passionate that her local area gets the resources and supports it deserves and that everyone is included. She believes that public transportation is vital when it comes to decision making for the area, be it on parks, transport or planning issues, and has worked to represent the community to ensure the repair and improvement of pavements, public parks and street lighting. She energetically represented the people of Dublin as Deputy Lord Mayor from 2017-2018.

Cabra-Glasnevin Ward – Declan Meenagh

Declan has lived in Cabra all his life. He has a rare eye condition called RP which limits what he can see. Navigating the city when you can’t see has a lot of challenges. He believes there are very simply things that the city can do to make it easier, including limiting street furniture, making sure there are ramps and tactile paving and traffic lights that beep. He believes strongly in equality, solidarity and social justice and has campaigned for greater access to education, disability services and local community rights. He believes when we do local government right, everyone benefits.

Cabra-Glasnevin Ward – Marie Sherlock

Marie is very proud to be living and raising her children among the thriving and diverse collection of communities that is Cabra-Glasnevin. She wants to ensure that we get the balance right in what is being built in our communities, get speedier action on derelict sites and houses and provide families with local options for co-ed education for their children. She stands for strong communities where there is decent, adequate housing for those who want to make their lives here, where there is safer cycling and a transport system that works for all groups of people.