Local Election Manifesto

Labour’s local election manifesto takes the Party right back to basics. We have delivered good local government to people for many years. Labour councillors get stuck in to help people, to get houses built and to get any number of other problems resolved.

Read our manifesto here.

There are seven main themes in the manifesto, which reflect the emphasis of our campaign:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Leadership on the environment and climate action
  • Building housing and supporting tenants
  • Improving quality of life for all
  • Supporting workers’ rights, jobs and enterprise
  • Delivering Labour’s vision of equality and fairness
  • Strengthening local democracy

Our innovative ideas include setting up Community Wardens to monitor anti-social behaviour and to issue fines for illegal dumping, dog fouling or persistent noise, and our idea of setting up Climate Action Committees on every council to drive an ambitious agenda to reduce carbon emissions, not least a programme to retrofit and insulate all council housing, to reduce both fuel poverty and emissions.

We want local councils to be accessible to people with disabilities, and we want our towns and cities to be more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists too. We have a vision to enhance the quality of life and economic prosperity of every part of Ireland, from rural townlands and villages through to our towns and cities. Labour would restore Town Councils to strengthen our town’s as economic and social centres.

Labour’s national housing policy would see 80,000 homes build in five years, by investing €16 billion. Labour would restore planning powers to local councils, and Labour would support tenants and single-property landlords to create more secure tenancies.