Morning at Hansfield Train Station

I was at Hansfield railway station in Clonsilla at 8 o’clock in the morning, and as you will see from the video there a number of apartment blocks being built by the railway line. However, what we don’t see are shops, creches, community centres, primary and secondary schools that all this building is going to require in terms of having quality infrastructure for new families to make new communities. My focus as a TD has been to ensure the community gets investment from Government and the local City Council to provide for top-class schools and educational services, public transport, and recreational and community facilities, all of which are essential to growing communities.

Again at Hansfield railway station and the land you can see behind me in the video is the area where Erin Go Bragh GAA would like to get space for their pitches and for their clubhouse. I am supporting this because the idea of the very large community of Littlepace, Hansfield and Ongar to have no pitches available for a club like Erin Go Bragh that is growing and contributing hugely to the area, is wrong. The land behind me would be an ideal location for Erin Go Bragh to finally get the facilities they deserve.