The Planners in the County Council have requested “Additional Information” (revised plans) requesting the following changes:

  • The Developer is requested to submit details verifying right of way through Allendale Square or alternatively a letter of consent from the Owners Management Company in Allendale Square consenting to access to the site. This was not provided for in the original application
  • Revised plans for the pedestrian and cyclist openings from the new development onto the Ongar Distributor Road
  • Revised drawings of the architectural detailing on the outer gables of Blocks A and B
  • A revised landscape and boundary treatment plan
  • A revised site layout plan detailing car parking and bicycle storage for residents and visitors

The Developer has six months from August 2nd (February 2nd 2017) to submit the requested revised plans. If you would like to view more details of the plans go to and the reference for the application is FW16A/0084.

I had made a submission in support of residents’ concerns. Please find below my submission to the County Council

RE: FW16A/0084, adjacent to Allendale Square and Ongar Distributor Road

I write in support of the residents of Allendale Square regarding their submission about the above proposed development. There are concerned in particular as to whether the Developer has any right of way for this proposal via the lands of Allendale Square

I would be grateful if the Planning Department could clarify:

  • Are the roads in Allendale Square taken in charge by the local authority?
  • Does the parent planning application for Allendale Square from the early part of the last decade provide for access to future development to this site?
  • What services the Management Company in the new proposed development would have to share the Allendale Home Owners Management Company?

I enclose €20 submission fee.