Play It Again – Re-Homing Instruments in the Community

Fingal County Council is participating in ReUse month this October by collecting unwanted instruments and pairing them with organisations that need them.

ReUse month gives everyone a chance to be creative in our thinking and to identify any opportunities for ReUsing materials that might otherwise be disposed of. At Fingal Recycling centres at Estuary Swords and Coolmine, the Council are actively collecting instruments that are discarded and pairing them with locations and organisations that need them. So far the Council has received instruments such as guitars, fiddles, drum-kits, ukuleles and more that have been previously loved and need a new home. They get them fixed up to a playable condition and gather them for distribution.

Fingal County Council is looking for voluntary organisations that might need such equipment as part of their service. They would like to hear from organisations such as Youth and Family Centres, Centres for Autism or residential homes for Addiction – all sorts of organisations that might have a need for a mix of instruments. This is a great initiative which addressed Waste Prevention and gives back to the Community.

If you are aware of any such location that would use these instruments, please email