Many people don’t feel ready to retire at the age of 65 and feel they still have a valuable contribution to make to the workplace in their mid and late 60s.

The experience and expertise of older workers, as well as the fact that as a nation we are living longer and leading healthier lifestyles, means that many in the 65- 70 age bracket want, and can continue to have an important input in the workforce.

Raising the mandatory age, while not impacting the minimum pension age, will give people the choice to work that bit longer if they wish.

It recognises that we are living longer while not forcing people to keep working.

Ensuring that institutional knowledge can be retained will also have benefits for the public service.

Many people retire well before they reach 65, and continue to contribute to society in many different ways whether through volunteering, caring or part time work in their communities.

All forms of work must be recognised and valued.