I am delighted that Mayor Mary McCamley secured the unanimous support of Fingal Councillors to remove this route for a road that would have destroyed St Catherine’s Park and severely harmed the Liffey Valley.

In the 1990s I campaigned hard to protect the Liffey Valley and secured the support from then Minister Michael D.Higgins to purchase the Demense for a Public Park.

Last night’s vote by councillors is not binding on the Fingal County Chief Executive, however from my own representations to the National Roads Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland neither state agency is seeking to build a new National Road through St Catherine’s Park.

I am continuing to be vigilant in respect of defending the park from inappropriate and residents can count on my full support in their campaign to defend the Park


1) Motion passed by Fingal County Council

2) Correspondence from Transport Infrastructure Ireland regarding linking the M3 and M4 



Item No. 22a Variation of the Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023

Mayors Business: Councillor Mary McCamley

That this Council requests that the Chief Executive to initiate a variation of the Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023 with the purpose of; (a) Removing the following road schemes listed under Table 7.1 of Objective MT42, N3-N4 Link Ongar to Barnhill and N3-N4 Barnhill to Leixlip Interchange. and (b) To include an additional Objective under Green Infrastructure namely – This Council recognises the significant importance of St. Catherines’s Park as a recreational amenity for the Region, and mindful of this the integrity of the Park shall be preserved and it shall not be used in any way to provide a link from the N3 to the N4, within the functional area of Fingal or Kildare.”


“National policy on transport includes objectives to enhance orbital movement outside the M50 C-Ring between the N3, the N4 and the N7. In response to the national policy, an indicative road line is shown on the Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023 maps and included in Table 7.1 Road Schemes, of a link between the N3 and N4 from Ongar to the Leixlip Interchange. Any road project at this national level would be a matter for TII in terms of feasibility, funding and routing options. Routing options would have to go through appropriate studies and statutory environmental processes, including public consultation. Fingal will support and facilitate the TII, South Dublin County Council and Kildare County Council in the planning and delivery of road upgrades, subject to proper planning and sustainable development The initiation of the process to make a variation of a Development Plan under Section 13 of Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended) is an executive function. Ordinary resolutions passed by the elected Members of the Council do not oblige the Chief Executive to initiate the procedures under Section 13”.

The CEO of Fingal County Council in his response to members of the Council advises that the indicative route on the Fingal County Plan is in response to the needs of Transport Infrastructure Ireland. However when I previously contacted TII in May they replied to me (copy of TII response attached) that “The Link Road between the N3 and N4 is a proposed regional road” and that the NTA “is the body responsible for transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area”.