Schools Disappointment For Dublin 15

Deputy Joan Burton has put down the following adjournment debate for tomorrow’s Dail sitting “To ask the Minister for Education and Science to make a statement on the building of a permanent school at Littlepace, Castaheany, Dublin 15 (Mary, Mother of Hope National School), in view of the many thousands of families already living in the catchment area, and the many additional thousands of homes to be built there and given that both the school and parents in the area will face serious crises unless a permanent school building is built in 2004.”

Deputy Joan Burton, TD said today that she was dismayed to learn that a number of Dublin 15 schools have been placed a long way down the list in the Government’s Dublin School building Programme, despite the population explosion in the Dublin 15 area.

She said that Mary, Mother of Hope NS, Littlepace, Castaheany and Sacred Heart NS, Huntstown have both been placed in Section 6 of the Schools Building Programme. Section 6 of the Programme refers to large scale primary and post-primary projects that are at an advanced stage of architectural planning (pre-tender stage). The timing of when these projects can progress to tender and construction is dependent on the funding allocation in 2004 and subsequent years.

This means that the building works required by these two schools will not be considered until at least 2004 at the very earliest, and may begin even in even later years. Deputy Burton stated that the situation is even bleaker for Scoile Thomas, Castleknock and Castleknock Educate Together NS, Castleknock, which have both allocated to Section 7 of the Schools Building Programme.

Section 7 of the Programme refers to large scale primary or post-primary projects that are at an early stage of architectural planning (pre-planning permission). These projects will not be authorised to progress beyond their current stage of architectural planning for the time being. The exception is where post-primary schools are rationalising and these can proceed in planning to the pre-tendering stage. The Department does not intend to put further large scale projects into architectural during 2003.

This means that the progress of Scoile Thomas and of Castleknock Educate Together NS is to be arrested at its current stage and will not move beyond that for the foreseeable future. Deputy Burton also said that she was extremely disappointed to see that there is no mention whatsoever of Coolmine Community College in the current Government’s School Building Programme.